Noses & Spectacles is a serialized novel with new installments released over time. The entire novel is on track to being completed in the early part of 2023.

Join us as we get to know Professor Pangloss, the best of all possible scientists. The professor starts out in his laboratory at Stanford but is forced to set out on a journey around the world to find the secret stronghold of the last real scientists. He must formulate the “perfect experiment” to overcome the conspiracy theorists and restore the official story to its rightful place in history books.

Noses & Spectacles was outlined and written entirely by Charles Voltaire, but it is also an experiment in AI-generated text. ChatGPT takes over the role traditionally held by an editor, providing content ideas and correcting grammatical and spelling errors without the need for an actual editor.

ChatGPT was not used in part or in whole for content generation, ideas, or editing for sections of Noses & Spectacles that may break ChatGPT’s policies. Those sections were solely written and edited by Charles Voltaire or a physical editor.