Entre Chien et Loup

Walking down the alley
The evening star arrives
Another day has passed
It’s time again
The fading of the light
Patterns of crimson and pink
Dwindling fires of neon hues
As I’m heading home
I’ll squeeze the sun
Till its very final drop

I hate when the wind
Picks up like this
The creaky open door
Are you ready to do it all again
Are you ready for the shadows
Shadows which fall upon shadows
Crowding out glowing patches
Will you remember
Did you forget
Here comes the twilight

You take a look
Out over the field
Eyes straining to see
And in the silence
There echoes and resonates
The beautiful sound of dusk
Why did you wait
You took so long
Who’s watching you from the dark
Is it man’s best friend
Do you know their scent
Will you know them
For who they are

Last call
The sun is almost gone
Are you sure you’re ready
Maybe you’d rather call it a night
Go sit by the fireplace
Someplace safe and warm
Do you remember yet
What you forgot
When the time arrives
Breath in deeply
Remember the moonless night

– Voltaire